The MJB Foundation believes that all people, regardless of background, deserve equal opportunities for good health and education. Our scholarships and grants reflect our commitment to these principles.




Every year since 2009 our Foundation has presented the Madeleine Jude Brown Scholarship to a graduating senior from Tucker High School, in Georgia. The Scholarship, which covers college room, board, books and other educational fees, was created when MJB Foundation Board recognized an issue facing many promising high school graduates. Every year, several Tucker High seniors receive Georgia’s Hope Scholarship, which covers college tuition fees. However, for a few of these students, the additional costs associated with room, board and books prohibit them from attending the college of their choice or any college at all.

The MJB Scholarship was created as an answer to this problem. Inspired by Madeleine’s belief that everyone deserves an equal chance at success, the Scholarship covers the costs of secondary fees so that a Hope recipient can graduate from college debt free. Recipients of the MJB Scholarship have gone on to graduate with honors from colleges and universities including SCAD, UGA, Georgia Tech and Emory University. Their achievements in education, design, healthcare and more are an affirmation of Madeleine’s principles of compassion, perseverance and generosity for all.


Cristo Rey Atlanta Jesuit High School is a  Catholic learning community that educates young people of limited economic means, of any faith or creed, to become men and women for and with others. Through a rigorous college preparatory curriculum, integrated with a relevant work study experience, students graduate prepared for college and life. One of a network of 30 Cristo Rey schools around the country that empower young students to achieve their full potential. Cristo Rey schools offer a unique curriculum that combines academics, extra­curricular programs, and professional work experience to prepare students for success in college and beyond. 100% of graduates are accepted into college. The MJB Foundation supports Cristo Rey



The Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation’s mission is to provide vision and hearing services to the homeless and uninsured in Georgia. Celebrating nearly seven decades of operation, the Foundation has grown to serve over 159 counties across the state. Support from the Madeleine Jude Brown Foundation has helped the Lighthouse Foundation to continue to provide better sight and hearing to hundreds of people a year.


Located in Kathmandu, Nepal, the Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology provides eye care to hundreds of thousands of people per year. Its commitment to affordable eye care services, training programs for ophthalmologists and high-volume outreach work have made an extraordinary impact on the health of peoples across the Himalayas.

The Madeleine Jude Brown Foundation’s repeated support of the Institute has included funding to bring a glaucoma specialist to the United States for ophthalmic specialty training.


Mercy Care, started by the Sisters of Mercy, is a network of 13 fixed and mobile clinics and in 2016 provided care to over 12,000 patients 88% of whom were uninsured. A new facility with 45,000 square feet was opened in 2017 and offers adult primary care, pediatrics, dentistry, mental health and eye care. The MJB Foundation supports Mercy Care and the Pediatric hub was dedicated to Madeleine, who always wanted to be a pediatrician.